Moderator / maintainer for FDO Bugzilla ?

Petr Mladek pmladek at
Thu Feb 9 01:51:40 PST 2012

Alexander Thurgood píše v St 08. 02. 2012 v 13:49 +0100:
> Hi all,
> I've been trying to change my options in the FDO bugzilla, so that :
> (1) I don't get an e-mail every time someone creates a new bug report

This behavior is very unusual and definitely not the default one. Have
you changed the bugzilla setting in the past to get this?

Hmm, I do not see it in the bugzilla setting page. I could only get
mails for new bugs when I am an assignee, reporter, CCed, or  QA
contact. It seems that it should not be possible to get mails for ANY
new bug.

I expect that there exists a mailing list that sends such notifications.
I can't find it. Is it possible that you subscribed it in the past?

> (2) any e-mail I do get, is sent to a new e-mail address
> In order to change (1), I have logged in on several occasions, navigated
> to the options page and changed the preferences in the e-mail
> notifications page, then saved. However, no matter what I do, none of
> the changes remain set. Whenever I log back in again, I see that the
> e-mail tick boxes are all set once again. This is most annoying.

I am not able to reproduce this. I can change the preferences and they
persist after I re-login.

Hmm, it is possible that you have a setting that was supported only by
the older bugzilla engine. Then new bugzilla might be confused and gets

I suggest to report bug against bugzilla.

> In order to change (2), I logged in and was able to change my e-mail
> contact address, and save it. I also got a confirmatory e-mail at my old
> e-mail address and my new e-mail address stating that the change would
> be effective within 3 days - I naturally confirmed the change, but the
> e-mails are still getting sent to my old e-mail address, whereas my
> login e-mail has effectively changed. It has also now been more that 4
> days since I requested the change.

IMHO, Michael has a contact there.

Best Regards,

PS: Heh, I think that LO gives freedesktop infrastructure hard times. I
think that it significantly increases load in all components, e.g. git,
bugzilla, ... :-)

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