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Michael Meeks michael.meeks at suse.com
Thu Feb 9 09:54:39 PST 2012

* Present
	+ Norbert, David, Michael M, Fridrich, Stephan, Mitch,
	  Lionel, Rainer, Markus, Eike, Petr, Bjoern,
	  Michael S, Caolan, Kohei, Andras, Kendy

* Completed Action Items
	+ poke admins wrt. anongit / cgit down-ness (Michael)
	+ talk to Debian guys wrt. packaging etc. (Markus)
		+ maintainer old cppunit dev, and happy we took over.
	+ update / file first 'most annoying' bug comment for 3.6 tracker
	  to encourage direct marking of deps (Petr)
	+ review slowcheck patch for tail_build's Makefile (Bjoern)
		+ applied; make slowcheck
AA:		+ request to re-fix top-level 'make check' to build code first (Bjoern)
			+ nightmares with build.pl
	+ consensus: drop [LibreOffice] in mail headers (Kendy)

* Pending Action Items
	+ [slow progress] extract 64bit build hardware from firewall (Kendy / Admins)
	+ rename VCL API to make it GetBeamerFoo & fix (Michael)
	+ branch 'build', 'bootstrap' as libreoffice-3-5 or sim.,
	  and wipe master with a helpful link (Michael S)
AA:		+ talk to Michael S afterwards (Michael M)
            + needs fd.o admin help, bug for that created, Tollef on vacation
            + https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=45354
AA:	+ get links to FOSDEM slides into the wiki (All)

* Action Items review

* Release Engineering update (Petr)
	+ 3.5.0 status
		+ ready from development POV
		+ Marketing not ready, website in progress
		+ web-site / updating volunteers appreciated ASAP
			+ who love
	+ 3.5.1
		+ RC1 freeze 20th of Feb
		+ three week gap before 3.5.1 for fixing
	+ 3.4.6
		+ a way away - March 5th RC1 deadline
		+ encouraging to see more fixes going in there.

* FOSDEM update (~any/all takers)
	+ went well, good attendance at the FOSDEM dev-room
	+ need a designated time keeper
	+ booth went well - tons of T-shirst sold,
	  always lots of people there lots of questions
	+ over 500 stickers asked for & given out

* QA update (Rainer)
	+ lots of time spent searching for cross-bugzilla
	  duplicates to Apache bugzilla
		+ last few weeks, found little to help etc.
		  code bases diverging.
		+ perhaps only for the most annoying bugs ? (Bjoern)
		+ so - reduce the searches only to those flagged
		  by the user as very old / annoying etc.
AA:		+ update the wiki guidelines to this (Rainer)
	+ is it ok to assign bugs to team-leads still ?
		+ assigning gives impression someone is working
		  on them - a problem.
		+ currently, add to assigned field, but not set
		  status to 'ASSIGNED' (perhaps not an issue)
		+ makes sense to add devs to CC, if bugs are
		  higher priority (Petr)
		+ is an 'assigned but not assigned' state
		  confusing (Bjoern)
		+ can we use unconfirmed/new for this (Norbert)
AA:		+ come up with a proposal for this (Rainer/Bjoern/Petr)
		+ assignee of all calc bugs, in many cases
		  not clear to who to assign it to, so not
		  possible to have an active re-assignment
		  task (Kohei)
		+ quite attached to a push workflow, new bugs
		  in the area end up in mailbox (Lionel)

* system stdlibs for Linux universal builds ? (Stephan/Petr)
	+ https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=45696
	+ https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=45074
	+ problem is - that for generic RPMs/DEBs
		+ we include the gcc / C++ std-libraries
		+ in theory machines could not already have them
	+ 2x problems:
		+ extensions linked to newer C++ stdlib we ship
		  could fail to run
		+ old lib. that we ship, can give C++ exception
		  handling issues, that newer ones would not
	+ suggest
		+ no longer package it anymore on Linux (Stephan)
	+ can we add a Requires: line that works cross-distro ?
		+ probably not.
	+ we currently have very incomplete Requires anyway (mst)
	+ the lib has versioned symbols, so if installed on
	  an older system, we may fail on start (Fridrich)
	+ create a new separate package of just this stdlib, that
	  conflicts with the system (Fridrich)
	+ we build custom gcc & binutils on our legacy systems (Fridrich)
	+ the very newest libraries would be another option,
	  for a while.
	+ Options:
		+ create new compat-stdlib package and refuse
		  to install if there are newer stdlib around (Fridrich)
AA:		+ disable bundling of C++ stdlib in 3.5.1 & see
		  how it goes (Petr)
	+ re-think if lots of people complain.

* make check triggers build
	+ make it as easy as possible to run checks (Stephan)
	+ 'make check' is simpler
	+ hopefully time it takes to re-run a pristine make will
	  improve over time (Norbert)

* bibisect - is it in-use ? (Bjoern)
	+ could be rather useful for catching regressions
	+ lack of awareness
	+ 50x LibreOffice installs in one git repo
	+ can narrow the zone that it was introduced
	+ Rainer has ~40 versions on his computer,
	  to find where it appeared, not many others do.
AA:	+ more bibisect evangelism on the QA mailing list (Bjoern)

* 3.5 most annoying bugs ...
	+ 41 (of 124) open, last weeks: 32/104, 28/93, 21/76, 23/71
	+ growing list / interest ? 33%,  30%,   30%,   28%,   32%
	+ https://bugs.freedesktop.org/showdependencytree.cgi?id=37361&hide_resolved=1

* 3.5 bugs tagged with 'regression'
	+ https://bugs.freedesktop.org/buglist.cgi?keywords=regression%2C%20&keywords_type=allwords&resolution=---&query_format=advanced&product=LibreOffice&list_id=36764
		+ 89 bugs open of 315 total
	* Component    count net *
	+ Writer       - 36 (+1)
	+ Presentation - 8  (-1)
	+ LibreOffice  - 9  (+0)
	+ Spreadsheet  - 7  (+0)
	+ Database     - 7  (+0)
	+ Drawing      - 5  (+0)
	+ Basic        - 4  (+2)

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