[PATCH] New Unit test

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at suse.com
Fri Feb 10 07:59:43 PST 2012

Hi there,

On Thu, 2012-02-09 at 21:15 +0100, Santiago Martinez wrote:
> Hello, in file comphelper/qa/string/test_string.cxx there is a missing
> unit test to check the method "islowerAsciiString(rtl::OString
> const&)". Attached to this mail there is a patch to add this new test.
> Please review.

	Wow ! :-) having people to write unit tests is cool.

	So sorry you picked something that Stephan wrote out shortly
afterwards !

	It seems that tons of the unit tests in sal/ are compiled and not run,
since they're missing things like:


	That adds the osl_File set of tests to the default run list :-) perhaps
that'd be a good place to look at re-enabling and fixing some of those
existing tests: although, I guess of those file ones several are broken

	All the best,


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