[PATCH 0/3] Code removal, first contribution

Catalin Iacob iacobcatalin at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 14:10:41 PST 2012

Contribution under LGPLv3+ / MPL.

Since this is my first contribution, I have a question.

I grepped for the removed stuff using pss[1], a Python clone of the
more famous ack[2] and I told the tool to only grep in C and C++
files, otherwise it takes a lot longer. These extensions are then
searched: .c .cpp .cc .cxx .m .hpp .hh .h .hxx. How sure can I be that
this covers all their possible uses in LibreOffice code base?  Could
it be that some Java code is calling those methods via JNI for


[1] https://bitbucket.org/eliben/pss/overview
[2] http://betterthangrep.com/

Catalin Iacob (3):
  Remove unused code in XMLSignatureHelper
  Remove unused code in XSecController
  Remove unused code in XMLTextImportHelper

 unusedcode.easy                                    |   12 ----
 xmloff/inc/xmloff/txtimp.hxx                       |    7 --
 xmloff/source/text/txtimp.cxx                      |   36 -----------
 xmlsecurity/inc/xmlsecurity/xmlsignaturehelper.hxx |   11 ----
 xmlsecurity/source/helper/xmlsignaturehelper.cxx   |   47 --------------
 xmlsecurity/source/helper/xsecctl.cxx              |   64 --------------------
 xmlsecurity/source/helper/xsecctl.hxx              |   10 ---
 xmlsecurity/source/helper/xsecsign.cxx             |   30 ---------
 8 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 217 deletions(-)


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