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Lionel Elie Mamane lionel at mamane.lu
Sat Feb 11 00:37:51 PST 2012

On Thu, Feb 09, 2012 at 05:54:39PM +0000, Michael Meeks wrote:

> 	+ is it ok to assign bugs to team-leads still ?
> 		+ quite attached to a push workflow, new bugs
> 		  in the area end up in mailbox (Lionel)

I don't have a strong opinion on whether this happens from the very
first report or after triage; both have advantages and disadvantages.

Obviously, it happening after triage is a nice luxury for me (as a
developer), and saves me quite some time: the bug already has the
additional information that is needed to reproduce the bug, the
"standard" questions have already been asked/answered, ... However, it
consumes more triage/qa/... resources, and I get the impression that
LibO is more resource-constrained in the triage/qa/... areas than in
the pure developers area. Although maybe for Base specifically this is
inverted ;) It can also be frustrating for a very clueful bugreporter
to be asked questions (s)he (as a developer, but not LibO contributor)
already knows are not relevant to the problem at hand.

Also, I'm not sure about how to make it happen otherwise with our
current community. Putting an individual as a "default assignee"
(instead of libreoffice-bugs at lists.fdo) is IMHO not a good long-term
solution. For that, we would need per-component mailing lists, and the
default assignee would be that. But I'm doubtful about the virtue of
splitting the developer community in our current situation. Maybe if
we use those mailing lists strictly only as the assignees and
generally don't do discussion on them? On the other hand, I already
don't keep up with libreoffice at l.fdo traffic :-|

Ideally, the first mail I get about a bug also contains a good summary
of the issue (which with bugzilla it typically doesn't if it gets
assigned to me or I get added to the CC after the initial
report....). Going to a webbrowser to read the bug log is less good,
but livable / acceptable.  (Hmm... Maybe if bugzilla emailed me a
complete bug log instead of just "lionel at mamane.lu added to CC" on the
first mail I get, and only on the first?)

While we are on the subject of Bugzilla and email, I remember seeing
somewhere a bugzilla-email interface such that one could manipulate
bugs by sending email instead of in a webbrowser. I'd be marginally
happier if that extension was installed/enabled on fdo bugzilla.

 And I want a pony, too ;-)


> * system stdlibs for Linux universal builds ? (Stephan/Petr)

It was said on the talk "the vast majority of our (Unix) users will
use distro packages". That's possibly true enough, but it is
*extremely* convenient for us that we can point our users at daily
builds for testing. So it is useful for *us* as developers/qa guys
that *our* binary builds work everywhere. Even if it is not a huge
problem for our users that they have to use distro packages, it is for


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