OK to merge the fw? libraries in framework?

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Sun Feb 12 02:22:00 PST 2012

> I think that the biggest problem for LO on iOS will be something
> completely different: the review by Apple that needs to be passed

Well, obviously "we" (meaning both those who work on the code and
whoever else who might want to distribute some app based on
LibreOffice code through the iTunes App Store) need to make sure that
the well-known rules are followed before even attempting to submit
anything for review.

Or do you see any general reason why Apple would reject an app that
uses LibreOffice code even if it doesn't break any rules?

After all, from the very start of the iOS porting effort it has been
known that (App Store -distributed) apps can't use dynamic loading of
own shared objects, that no dynamic code generation is allowed, that
no interpretation of user-selected script or other code is allowed,
etc. So UNO components need to be statically linked, there will be no
Java, Python or Basic, and no extension mechanism. Technical
challenges that need to be solved. Few of them are, yet. The iOS
porting effort is not exactly receiving much effort at the moment,
which is sad.

> unless you are fine with not getting into the App Store and just running
> on jailbreaked devices. ;-)

At least personally I have no interest in the jailbreaking or
"rooting" communities.

> Another big technical problem is that on mobile devices apps can be
> killed at anytime at the will of the operating system. Apps need to be
> designed to live under these circumstances.

Yes, sure. That should be well known, I hope. Nobody has claimed all
this is an easy task.


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