[Libreoffice] [PATCH] Making default tab prefix name configurable in Calc

Noel Power nopower at suse.com
Mon Feb 13 03:23:07 PST 2012

On 09/02/12 14:53, Albert Thuswaldner wrote:
> Hi,
>> So I have improved the patch according to Kohei's suggestion above.
>> Now I store the prefix at each key-stroke and check for illegal
>> characters. When an illegal character is entered, the text is reverted
>> back to the last good prefix. (So basically the same as for the
>> separators in the formula options dialog)
>> The patch also fixes the UI glitches.
>> So it all should be well - but it is not!
>> At least I get two annoying bugs:
>> 1) The cursor moves In front of the text when the Prefix is reverted.
I guessed maybe the last backspace moves the cursor but just setting the 
text doesn't, however using the arrow keys to say insert a '/' in the 
middle of a prefix and the cursor goes gets repositioned at the start of 
the text, no idea why that happens, the answer most certainly lies 
somewhere in vcl/source/control/edit.cxx & core/vcl/inc/vcl/edit.hxx
>> 2) When trying to delete text in the edit box, the last character
>> sticks (can't be deleted).
well that would seem to be because your code thinks a blank prefix is 
illegal, I believe changing

  -    if ( !ScDocument::ValidTabName( aSheetPrefix ) )
+    if ( !aSheetPrefix.isEmpty() && !ScDocument::ValidTabName( 
aSheetPrefix ) )
          // Revert to last good Prefix
          pEdit->SetText( maOldPrefixValue );

will fix that
>> To finish this feature I also would like to add some type of cue.  It
>> would be great if there would be some kind of standard to follow here
>> (is there?).
>> Below I just list the different options (including possible pros/cons)
>> that I can think of at the moment:

isn't the problem with such visual cues that the illegal character is already gone ( replaced by the previous selection ) by the time you flag it so it might be even more confusing ? Or.. do you see some other type of workflow when using that. Maybe a bell is isn't such a bad idea ( although I agree annoying )


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