[Libreoffice] [PATCH] Making default tab prefix name configurable in Calc

Noel Power nopower at suse.com
Mon Feb 13 04:11:07 PST 2012

On 09/02/12 14:53, Albert Thuswaldner wrote:
> If it was up to me I would go for the visual bell. Any thoughts on this?
actually thinking about it some more I don't find it unnatural to have 
the whole ( reverted ) prefix selected after entering an illegal 
character ( I think this is a technique used elsewhere anyway ) In 
addition to providing a cue that you have typed something bad this 
approach has the added advantage of solving the cursor problem for you 
too ;-)


         // Revert to last good Prefix
         Selection aSel( 0,  maOldPrefixValue.getLength() );
         pEdit->SetText( maOldPrefixValue, aSel );

Not sure what others think about above but if I hear no real negative 
reaction then I'd be inclined to push this

p.s. of course you can use the 'Selection'
   Selection aSel( maOldPrefixValue.getLength(),  
maOldPrefixValue.getLength() )

to trick SetText to display the cursor at the end. This is a bit hacky, 
the alternative is you will probably need to modify the cursor position 
directly, that is, unless there is some existing public method on Edit ( 
which there might be but I didn't see in the myriad of 'Edit' methods )

> Thanks for reading my ramblings.;)
> /Albert
thanks for taking the time with this nice addition

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