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Michael Meeks michael.meeks at
Mon Feb 13 09:45:35 PST 2012

Hi there,

	Alexander just removed a load of gcc conditionals from master, but
there were a few I dropped from his patch to get some further input from

	We've decided (I think) in that 4.0.1

* cppu/inc/cppu/macros.hxx:

	I assume this should be just CPPU_GCC_ALIGN and with only one
definition in today's world ?

* sal/inc/rtl/instance.hxx:
	#if (__GNUC__ >= 4)

	Do we need all those conditionals ? or do we want a

	#if defined (__GCC__) there ?

* sal/inc/sal/config.h

	We have a conditional for SAL_ISO_CONST, but do we ever even use that
thing ? :-) if not, can we just drop it ? breaks source compat, but ...
if we didn't use it ;-)

	Overall, it's quite encouraging to see the improving C++ support of
gcc, and the ripping out of lots of legacy awfulness to work around it.

	Thanks :-)


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