Grammar checker development for LibreOffice

Németh László nemeth at
Tue Feb 14 03:16:55 PST 2012

Hi Cor,

Thanks for your feedback. Last year I was involved in Dutch language
developments (I worked with the Dutch OpenTaal Foundation to improve
Dutch spell checking, sponsored by the Dutch Language Union and the
foundation), but I have known the active and excellent open source
Dutch language developments much longer.

I strongly think, the default grammar checking of LibreOffice have to
prefer the minimalistic, non-intrusive sentence checking/proofreading.
With the Lightproof editor extension, it is not so complicated to
develop these basic Dutch/etc. sentence checking rules, based on the
English ones.

To give the best for other (extra/optional) requirements (writing aids
for beginners and uncomplaining users) is to integrate the rule based
Dutch grammar checking of LanguageTool (developed by Ruud Baars) with
future statistical based Dutch developments of After the Deadline
grammar checker, and adding an option (ie. an After the Deadline
client) to the suggested Lightproof based Dutch grammar checker of
LibreOffice to use it. This optional/extra server based grammar
checking  would be the ideal solution, because the statistical methods
could be quite resource intensive, see 1 GB minimal memory requirement
of contextual (only English) spell checking of MS Office 2010.

Best regards,

2012/2/13 Cor Nouws <oolst at>:
> Hi Németh,
> Németh László wrote (13-02-12 16:20)
>> Lightproof (from “lightweight proofreader”) is a Python grammar
>> checker framework for LibreOffice. Default English, Hungarian and
>> [...]
> Thanks for the info and the checker!
> We had some people before in Netherlands community active with spell
> checking and such. See if they are interested. Would be great if some work
> on Dutch grammar checking could be done.
> Cheers,
> --
>  - Cor
>  -

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