New tool for better understanding the codebase, to complement the wiki.

Josh Heidenreich josh.sickmate at
Tue Feb 14 04:37:02 PST 2012

Thorsten, Stephan, List,

> nope, it's a manual process that I run every once in a while.
> Doxygen itself is rather heaviweight, so you really don't want to
> run that on a server, let alone for every commit.
Can it be run standalone, without the rest of doxygen? Could it be run
every commit in that case until the READMEs stablalise a bit (i.e. I
get something in there for every module as a starting point for this

> Just, if possible, use a local git repo directly, and avoid cgit.
> It's causing fdo much less load.
Will do. Perhaps I will discuss with you further my plans for the
second version (running off a database to allow for searching) at some
point down the line.

> What is the markup format to be used in the READMEs?
It's a loose copy of the wikimedia syntax used in the wiki, so:
- Paragraphs are separated by a blank line.
- Headings are in the form "== heading ==" (without the quotes)
- Links to modules are [[module]].
- External links are [link]
- Links to cgit are [git:path/to/file]


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