[REVIEW][3-5] Re: Bug 45530 - Accessibility does not work

Michael Stahl mstahl at redhat.com
Wed Feb 15 04:35:05 PST 2012

On 15/02/12 04:10, Masataka Shinke wrote:
> Patch of Bug 45530 - Accessibility does not work
> https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=45530

hello Masataka,

yes, the Java accessibility bridge was effectively not installed;
thanks a lot for finding this problem and for the fix.

could you please confirm that you contribute this patch under
MPL/LGPLv3+ license?

the best way is to send a blanket mail to this list with the license for
all your past and future contributions to LO, add yourself to this wiki
page and add a link to that mail in the wiki page:


> ------
> diff --git scp2/source/ooo/file_ooo.scp scp2/source/ooo/file_ooo.scp
> index cae313a..e2c0c68 100644
> --- scp2/source/ooo/file_ooo.scp
> +++ scp2/source/ooo/file_ooo.scp
> @@ -426,6 +426,7 @@ STD_JAR_FILE( gid_File_Jar_Fax, fax )
>  STD_JAR_FILE( gid_File_Jar_Agenda, agenda )
>  STD_JAR_FILE( gid_File_Jar_Query, query )
>  STD_JAR_FILE( gid_File_Jar_Web, web )
> +STD_JAR_FILE( gid_File_Jar_Accessbridge, java_uno_accessbridge )
>  #endif
>  #ifdef SOLAR_JAVA

pushed to master, plus some follow up cleanup to remove the old
definition of gid_File_Jar_Accessbridge that was accidentally disabled.

AFAIK the Java accessibility bridge is only required on Windows,
so i've put it into #ifdef WNT as well; in case that is wrong please
complain  :)

thanks again for the patch,

 please somebody review and backport the following to libreoffice-3-5:



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