[PATCH] Removed unused code from svl, svtools and sfx2

Dézsi Szabolcs dezsiszabi at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 16 05:11:00 PST 2012


I removed some unused code from modules svl, svltools and sfx2 according to unusedcode.easy.
Removed functions:
  SfxAppMenuControl_Impl::RegisterControl(unsigned short, SfxModule*)
  SfxRangeItem::SfxRangeItem(unsigned short, SvStream&)
  SfxULongRanges::Contains(unsigned long) const
  SfxULongRanges::Intersects(SfxULongRanges const&) const

Ps.: if it's ok, update unusedcode.easy accordingly, i think they're still in it. Forgot to delete them :$
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