Preconfigured Windows Build VM

Jesús Corrius jesus at
Sat Feb 18 11:05:44 PST 2012

Hi fellow developers,

I have created a preconfigured Windows Build Virtual Box VM with the
following characteristics:

- Windows XP Service Pack 3 (32 bits)
- Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional
- Cygwin version 1.7.10
- Microsoft Windows SDK version 6.0A
- Microsoft  DirectX SDK (June 2010(
- Java SDK 6 Update 31
- Apache ant 1.8.2

The zipped size of the VM is 5,5 Gb (I optimized it as much as I could)

In my desktop computer (i7-2600 @ 3.40 GHz, 6 GB RAM) it takes a bit
less than 4 hours to build LibO 3.5 from scratch. This is slow, but I
wanted to be able to build it in a VM with only 1 Gb of RAM, so I only
use one job. If you use more than one job, the system gets out of
memory quite easily unless you modify the VM to use 4 GB of RAM or

To build your own version of LibreOffice, the only steps you have to
do are the following:

1. Click on the "Cygwin Terminal" icon on the desktop.
2. Type "./g pull -r" to update the sources.
3. Type "sh" to configure
4. Type "/opt/lo/bin/make"

And that's all. In four hours or less you'll have a full Windows build
of LibreOffice without any pain.

Unfortunately, due to the restrictions in the software licenses, I
can't make the VM available to everybody. But I think I can make it
available to you if you have a current MSDN account. So if you own a
MSDN account feel free to ask me for it and I will send it to you.
Additionally, If you are a business, you make money distributing
LibreOffice, and you want your own VM and you are willing to sponsor
it, feel free to contact me.

Have a good weekend everybody :)

Jesús Corrius <jesus at>

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