Windows desktop developer and large open source projects

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Sun Feb 19 06:12:30 PST 2012

The learning curve for developers to become valid for a large open source
project is particularly steep (git, java,perl, python, c ++, c #, project
architecture, project philosophy, .  many, too many technologies, to learn
in a short time).
Who, like me, every day develops Windows desktop applications (. NET)
without a strong source control system in considerable difficulty.
I use only some basic functions of svn.

Probably the biggest problem is the development philosophy that is radically
Windows developers who use only the tools found in the MSDN think in a way
totally different from those who develop an open source project with open
I have a long past of system administrator and I know very well Unix shell /
awk, but I'm not developing Linux applications.
I believe that in addition to the information in the wiki is interesting to
provide some simple scripts that allow you to quickly start the initial

I think it is necessary to find a way to reduce the gap between these two
environments in order to facilitate the windows developers to enter the
world of open source technologies.
In I will upload some simple scripts that
might be of interest to developers who are in my same position.
can you check their validity?
If you think that these simple scripts are useful feel free to post them in
the wiki.




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