R: R: cygwin 1.7.10 - LO-3-5-0 - build fails - my git problem ?

walter w.guerrieri at ranocchilab.com
Mon Feb 20 02:28:33 PST 2012

Now, after a full re-clone, I have a build error in 'reportbuilder'.
Please see logs http://pastebin.com/u/walterLO

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Da: Stephan Bergmann [mailto:sbergman at redhat.com] 
Inviato: lunedì 20 febbraio 2012 10:41
A: w.guerrieri at ranocchilab.com
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Oggetto: Re: R: cygwin 1.7.10 - LO-3-5-0 - build fails - my git problem ?

On 02/19/2012 02:28 AM, walter wrote:
> The build fails in module 125.
> After re-run inside the module:
> =============
> (1/1) Building module translations
> =============
> Entering /cygdrive/c/LO350/translations
> dmake:  Error: -- 
> `/cygdrive/c/LO350/solver/wntmsci12.pro/bin/localize' not found, and 
> can't be made

Hm, localize (localize.exe) should be delivered there from module l10ntools.
Can you check whether there is any localize* in that directory?

Also, module translations should only be built if you configure
--with-lang=...  If you do not need anything but the default en-US
localization, you can try whether a build without that switch works better.


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