3.5.0 - postgresql files missing in file-list/*.txt files

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Mon Feb 20 08:01:25 PST 2012

Andreas Radke píše v Čt 16. 02. 2012 v 18:23 +0100:
> My ArchLinux installation makes use of the file-list/*.txt files to
> split our packages. That way the postgresql-sdbc stuff is missing in
> our installation. I guess they should be added to the base or common
> file list.

The file-list/*.txt files are generated by bin/distro-install-file-lists
from the crazy gid_Module_* file lists that are generated by the

I guess that the the PostgreSQl files are listed in a brand new
gid_Module_Optional_PostgresqlSdbc and nobody updated
bin/distro-install-file-lists yet.

If we want separate package, we could do something like:

    if test -f gid_Module_Optional_PostgresqlSdbc ; then
        cp gid_Module_Optional_PostgresqlSdbc \

, see similar code for gid_Module_Root_SDK

Please, send a patch if this works.

Best Regards,

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