[REVIEW] [PATCH]bug 44516 improved label and business card document creation

Winfried Donkers W.Donkers at dci-electronics.nl
Mon Feb 20 23:00:51 PST 2012

Jan Holesovsky wrote (20-02-12 18:04)

> Nope, still 3 I am afraid :-( - after the feature freeze, before we even
> needed 1 review for pushing to the libreoffice-3-5 branch, it was 3
> reviews for a feature or two that got in few days after the feature
> freeze (I remember the SmartArt import).

I can give some explanation on my changes (I have posted these to bug44516 itself too):
The changes have to do with the addition of page width and height to label definitions
and with the creation of a writer document with frames representing labels or business
-the majority of the changes (let's say 98%) regards the addition of members lPWidth 
and lPHeight to class SwLabItem. The label definition file (Labels.xcu) has had all
labels changed and various cxx files have the member added for assigning values to
class instances; There is one special case in labelcfg.cxx (lines 120-126) which
addresses the possibility that a non-converted (no page width/height defined) is read.
-the page width/height is also shown in the dialog, straightforward code including
setting minimum and maximum values that can be entered.
-There are cases where the summed width of the frames exceeds the page width (same for 
height). Example: an A4 sheet with 3 labels 70mm wide produces a frame width of 3969
twips (total width 3 x 3969 = 11907) whereas the page is only 11906twips wide. In
applab.cxx, iResultWidth, iResultHeight, iWidth, iHeight compensate for this.
-Finally there is the case where the horizontal gap between labels is larger than the
right margin (same for height). The document is created with frames that have right and 
lower spaces representing the horizontal/vertical gap. The last frame of the column/row 
will not fit on the row/column if the right/lower page margin is not big enough. To solve 
that, I use different frames for the right column and for the bottom row. (applab.cxx, 
pFmtOERow, pFmtEOCol, pFmtEOColEORow).

I hope this text will be of assistence to reviewers.


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