Has the time come to get rid of the "delivering" of public headers?

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Tue Feb 21 00:02:50 PST 2012

Has the time come to get rid of the "delivering" step for public
headers? I.e. for a header <MODULE/BAR.hxx>, instead of having it in
MODULE/inc/MODULE/BAR.hxx and then copying it to
solver/INPATH/inc/MODULE/BAR.hxx as part of the "make" of MODULE, it
could be directly in a new top-level "inc" directory, in
inc/MODULE/BAR.hxx all the time. (Obviously -I$(SRC_ROOT)/inc would
have to be added to the compilation flags.)

Now with OneGit, there shouldn't be any technical reason not do do
this. It would also speed up the build a little bit. Am I missing
something, or can I JFDI?


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