Building with --disable-database-connectivity

Tor Lillqvist tml at
Tue Feb 21 03:38:14 PST 2012

> git master (from yesterday) does not compile for me with
> --disable-database-connectivity,

It's experimental, don't try to use it.

(It's mainly for non-desktop OSes where it probably makes less sense
to provide such functionality. And actually I mostly just got tired of
seeing the Android and iOS compilations spend long times in
connectivity and dbaccess compiling stuff that most probably aren't
wanted on those platforms, and thought I would check how simple it
would be to bypass it for now.)

> I find --disable-database-connectivity interesting because i'd like to build
> a base-less libreoffice.

Don't, yet... (Instead, just don't package the Base parts when distributing it.)


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