[REVIEW 3-5] patch for later cygwins that have a different locaton for process.h

Noel Power nopower at suse.com
Tue Feb 21 03:50:54 PST 2012

There is a real sucky problem that will especially affect new Windows 
libreoffice developers, namely *real* early there is a big fat build 
failure. I came across this as I completely started from scratch 
creating a build environment [*]  ( as I managed to bork my windows xp 
installation ) Attached is a patch, probably there is a better way to do 
this but I don't really have a clue about autoconf/configure type stuff 
and this fix was the easiest for me. It would be great to get this into 
3.5 branch and this is what we specifically point windows people to ( on 
the list and irc anyway ).
Note: I didn't attach the generated ( but still under git ) configure a 
my autoconf is 1.68 and the previous version used to produce configure 
was 1.62. I guess it's not so bad I shouldn't push to master anyway right?


[*] btw this was a great opportunity to check out the instructions at 
http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Development/Windows_Build_Dependencies which 
I found to be spot on. Ok I have some experience building libreoffice on 
windows  and I used the non-free compiler but really I found those 
instructions quite good and accurate
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