Heads-up: In Xcode 4.3, there is no longer any /Developer

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Wed Feb 22 04:32:11 PST 2012

Also, I think that the "command-line tools", i.e. (llvm-)gcc etc in
/usr/bin, are no longer installed, but those can easily be downloaded
and installed manually from Xcode 4.3.

Sure, I know we use Xcode 3.x (is even 2.x possible?) and the 10.4 SDK
to build for Mac OS X currently anyway, so whatever changes Xcode 4.x
brings with it are fairly irrelevant. (In fact, now then that Xcode
4.3 and later will no longer have any /Developer, one could keep one's
Xcode 3.x again in /Developer...)

But this is just one more indication how obsolete our Mac code and
toolchain dependencies/assumptions are getting. But hey, our
development is mostly funded/contributed by Linux (and to some extent)
Windows oriented companies/volunteers anyway, so hardly surprising;)

For details, see for instance
, http://useyourloaf.com/blog/2012/2/17/updating-to-xcode-43.html ,
google for more yourself.

IIRC, it was more or less possible to build LibreOffice against the
10.6 SDK with Xcode 4.2; will have to check if that is still possible
with Xcode 4.3. (Note that building against the 10.6 SDK doesn't bring
any additional more current Mac-specific functionality into the code.)


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