[PATCH] Fix windows build

Matúš Kukan matus.kukan at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 00:04:13 PST 2012

Hi there,

I got:
c:/git/libo/fpicker/source/win32/misc/resourceprovider.cxx(125) :
error C2666: 'SimpleResMgr::SimpleResMgr' : 2 overloads have similar
could be 'SimpleResMgr::SimpleResMgr(const rtl::OUString
&,com::sun::star::lang::Locale &)'
or       'SimpleResMgr::SimpleResMgr(const sal_Char *,const
com::sun::star::lang::Locale &)'
        while trying to match the argument list '(const char [11],
        note: qualification adjustment (const/volatile) may be causing
the ambiguity

The patch helped me to build on Windows but I did not push because I
don't know what really was the problem, how my change helped to solve
that and especially if this is the proper solution.
Maybe it is related to the recent change in OUString class ?
If the patch is good, you can push, I will be here in the evening.


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