MinGW-Port: Problems with UnoUrlResolver

Helmar Spangenberg hspangenberg at frey.de
Thu Feb 23 02:07:33 PST 2012

Am Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2012, 11:56:13 schrieb Michael Meeks:
> On Wed, 2012-02-22 at 11:39 +0100, Stephan Bergmann wrote:
> > I doubt that Helmar's application only uses C-based sal API after
> > initial setup. In which case that wrapper would buy you nothing.
> 	So - the question would be then, how much of UNO is usable via the
> in-line C wrappers ? I was under the impression that lots of it should
> be - but perhaps I'm in cloud cuckoo land ;-)
> 	I suppose, the vtable mismatch would need bridging between mingw and
> msvc - which would be quite fun I suppose. Ho hum, as you say it's not a
> wonderful idea - though having that bridging in place might be nice for
> flexibility in future wrt. mingw cross-compile vs. MSVC building :-)
> 	Anyhow - Helmar - I guess the best suggestion then is to try to debug
> your problems remote controlling a remote MSVC++ compiled libreoffice
> using the mingw compiled URE / SDK :-) but - of course the  bug you
> found there is a bit of a pain.
> 	HTH,
> 		Michael.

In the meantime I am a step further - having found some very annoying things:
The recent MinGW cross tool chain supplied for SuSE 12.1 (64bit) seems to be 
broken - at least with regards to the LibreOffice code. Actually, I found 2 
a) windres does not work correctly
b) IFileDilogCustomize somwhere around "Vista"-files remains undefined

Fortunately I still have an installation of SuSE 11.4 (status December) as a 
fallback on my system, so I changed back and at least could again compile 
everything. The office itself (of December) now shows up again, the problem 
with the UnoUrlResolver comes up here, too. But at least, I now have a way to 
debug the beast...

Since the MinGW office seems to work rather nicely, I will in the first step 
remain on that one - I guess, remote controlling probably will introduce 
further difficulties ;-) - especially since I have the feeling that my 
problems are locally..

What came to my mind: Since I moved the LibreOffice directories, could it be 
possible that I have to adjust one or more ini-files? Furthermore, which 
environment variables are used setting up the local context? Until now I did 
some experiments with URE_MORE_TYPES, UNO_PATH, OFFICE_PROGRAM_PATH, and 
URE_INTERNAL_LIB_DIR (I used the notation "file:///L:/blabla/blublu/..." to 
name a path). 


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