3.5 installer problem, some registry items missing

Noel Power nopower at suse.com
Thu Feb 23 02:25:11 PST 2012


I was testing a bug about some ole automation issue but cannot even 
create the Libreoffice activex object. After some digging it appears the 
necessary registry entries are missing. Now there seems to be some 
Registry.idt* files in the instset_native output directory, those files 
even seem to have the correct content. But, for some reason the 
installer doesn't seem to apply these enrtries to the registry. 
Hopefully someone clueful ( Tor perhaps ) might have some idea why the 
registry entries are not applied.

the relevant entries are those you find if you search for
3ecf78f0_b1_11d2_8ebe_005ad848af in the attached file.

I suspect there is something very simple going on here, perhaps to do 
with the lodev vrs lo ? ( so maybe this doesn't affect the release at all )


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