[Unfinished Patch] List of bookmarks in the file picker

Martin Richard martius at martiusweb.net
Thu Feb 23 07:35:18 PST 2012


A few months ago my friend Julien and I started to work (as a school side
project) on the file picker in order to add a list of bookmarks (places) on
the left of the file view.

We have been able to do most of the work, but unfortunately we're now
lacking time, so I send the patch without the latest modifications we
wanted to do in order to have something quite usable. The patch applies to
the last commit I pulled yesterday (dcd7dc43376c914).

Here is a list of what the patch contains:
 - we replaced the label displaying the path of the directory viewed by a
text field
 - we added a listbox on the left of the file view, this list contains a
default place (user directory) and can contains custom places you can click
to display in the file view
 - you can add a new place by clicking on the "..." on the right of the
path text field (which pops a new dialog)
 - you can add the current place by clicking the "+" button bellow the
places list
 - you can remove a place selected in the list
 - places are stored in the user's configuration

and what's missing:
- we are able to display an icon for each entry in the list box, but this
is currently the "parent directory" icon
- the dialog box allowing the user to add a new place is not finished (and
must probably be redesigned somehow)
- actually, the "..." button should probably be removed, and it's behavior
should be affected to the "+" button instead
- the user is invited to give a name to its bookmark, but this name isn't
stored in the configuration yet
There are probably many points to redesign and refactor.

The code is under licenses MPLv1+/LGPLv3+.
We would like to thank Cedric Bosdonat, Stephan Bergmann**** and people we
talked with on irc for their time helping us.

Martin and Julien

Martin <http://www.martiusweb.net> Richard
www.martiusweb.net <http://www.martiuweb.net>
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