Real unit testing in sw?

Markus Mohrhard markus.mohrhard at
Fri Feb 24 17:42:28 PST 2012

Hey guys,

thanks to a great script by Daniel we might be able to try to write
real unit tests and it would be great if we could try this at a useful
class. Since I'm (thankfully) totally clueless about writer I wanted
to ask you for the one or two most important classes/methods that
would need real unit testing in sw.

I can neither guarantue that it will work nor that it will produce a
useful concept since this idea is based on a idea Cedric and I
discussed in Brussels. Our idea is a bit more complex than the unit
testing but I'm not yet able to fully able to formula all the points
behind the idea so I hope that at least the unit testing will show a
useful result for now and will help to improve sw's test coverage and
stability for the next release.

So here another special thanks to Dániel Mihályi who is doing a great
job with this script.


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