[PATCH]bug 44516 improved label and business card document creation

Winfried Donkers W.Donkers at dci-electronics.nl
Mon Feb 27 00:11:36 PST 2012

Norbert Thiebaud wrote (27 februari 2012 08:26)

>> With hindsight it would probably have been better to make a constant for
>> this colour. It is not good practice to leave such colour definitions in
>> the code.
>yes, my point exactly :-)
>It is not too late to do the 'Right Thing'(tm) including in master.

Have made proper code, am testing now and will submit when ok (may take a 
day or so beacuse of other running modifications).

>> I hope my explanations will help you. I not, please say so.
> ...
>In order for _me_ to sign-off for 3.5 branch, I would need you to
>break your patch along the lines discussed earlier...
>But hey, maybe someone else will review and sign-off as is...

If you can't reformat with diff + sed magic, I certainly can't. I am quite
bad at magic tricks :-)
I'll wait for a proper diff/sed magician to announce him/herself, or as you 
say, maybe someone else will review and sign-off as is.

Anyway, your comment will make my future contributions better; thank you.


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