[PATCH] 39468 Translate German comments

Stefan Knorr (Astron) heinzlesspam at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 27 09:34:55 PST 2012

Hi Tom,

On 25 February 2012 18:28, Tom Thorogood <tom at tomthorogood.com> wrote:
> This is my first submission; please let me know if I've done something
> incorrectly!

Welcome to LibreOffice development!
Well, there are two things that would be good:
#1 It'd really help if you could use "git format-patch" to do patches
– that way we already get the name of the author, your email and a
commit comment.
#2 It seems you've diffed the other way around (or you've translated
English into German)

So, would you re-do your patch with both points in mind, please?

> (do you need GPL stuff for comments? If so: I'm submitting this under the
> Gnu Public License--do whatever you want with it forever and ever).

It'd be great if you could instead dual-license this under LGPL v3+
and MPL v1+. If you plan on contributing more – which you do – you
know it, please just send a message saying that you license all
past/future contributions to LibreOffice under these two licenses.
Then add yourself to this wiki page:

Hope that helps,


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