Regarding development of a feature for Libreoffice Writer

Atri Sharma atri.jiit at
Mon Feb 27 22:17:49 PST 2012

I am a developer with experience in Natural Language Processing.I have
conceptualized a system for Libreoffice Writer and would like to
implement it.

The system I have conceptualized is:

The system shall be a semantic checker for Writer.Spell checking
systems have the facility of flagging erratical spellings and suggest
useful correctiions in most cases.But,we do not have a system which
can perform semantic checking and corrections.For e.g. if a user types
'I apples like' instead of 'I like apples',the spell check will not
find any error in it,but,our new system will be able to flag the error
and suggest corrections.

This shall be done using fuzzy string matching and a knowledge base of
sentence models.The sentence models shall be of format
<noun><identifier><adjective> etc.

The system shall be in a learning mode initially.Users can point out
mistakes in the error detection done by the system and the system will
make a not of the correction by the user.

Eventually,with experience,the system will accurately point out
grammatical errors and try to suggest corrections for them.

I have designed a system in the past which evaluates students
subjective answers to questions based on a model answer given by the
faculty and then,rates the answer.

I really want to implement this system for Libreoffice.Please let me
know if I can proceed further.

Thanks a lot in advance,


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