Tor Lillqvist tml at
Mon Feb 27 23:47:40 PST 2012

> Do you think customizing lightproof(adding the user correctable feature) and
> customizing abiword's link parser for libreoffice is a good idea?

Well, decide first what you want to do, from what you said initially
it sounded as if you wanted to do a something that understands grammar
(sentence structure, grammatical categories, etc) for "real". As far
as I know, Lightproof is intentionally not in that class of software,
nor does it want to be, that's what the "light" means.

> I was just musing if I can put it up for GsoC?

I have no idea. It is possible that your interest in this area will be
taken into account when we decide what projects to offer for GSoC
candidates, on the other hand I don't know how "fair" it is for
somebody to "reserve" GSoC projects for him/herself in advance. On the
other hand, at least you don't do it in secret. But keep in mind that
the participating projects have not even been chosen by Google yet,
have they?

Also, a "real" grammar checker is certainly too much for a
single-person one-summer GSoC project. Interfacing existing  software
to LibreOffice might be suitable.

But *I* really shouldn't be talking about GSoC as I have close to zero
experience of mentoring etc (more or less on purpose; I don't want to
spend my summer vacation worrying about GSoC, or coördinate my
vacation schedule with the GSoC schedule).


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