String literals, ASCII vs UTF-8

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Tue Feb 28 09:40:43 PST 2012

Hi Michael,

On Tuesday, 2012-02-28 16:37:38 +0000, Michael Meeks wrote:

> Of course, on the very rare
> occasions that we do a huge allocation for a string - perhaps we store
> an entire VBA module in a single string or something silly ;-)

As soon as Calc will use OUString instead of String for cell content and
formula results exactly that will happen..

I've seen Calc abused as a front end for some sort of web CMS, holding
entire HTML "template" fragments in one cell ... complaint was that not
more than 64k characters would fit into a formula result when
concatenating those ...

People also complained about Writer paragraphs being limited to 64k
characters ... that's ~15 pages of eye-tiring continuous lines, but ...

> which
> might reasonably fail, then no doubt we could use the native C method,
> and act accordingly if it failed.

I doubt anyone would actually do that, so we could only hope for memory
allocation exiting the application gracefully in that case.


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