[REVIEW 3-5, 3-5-1] Make libxslt link the right libxml on mac ppc

Alexander Thurgood alex.thurgood at gmail.com
Wed Feb 29 02:56:49 PST 2012

Le 28/02/12 21:17, Stephan Bergmann a écrit :

Hi Stephan,

> But that is inside an .IF "$(OS)"=="WNT" block, isn't it?  Also, at
> least for my Mac OS X 10.6 x86 tests, the existing libxslt/makefile.mk
> seemed to already work fine with --without-system-libxml (probably due
> to the

My build on OSX Server 10.6.8 (x86) (default setup, no ports, etc) has
been failing for the last 2 days in libxslt, cf. attached log file.

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