libreoffice + clang == success

Baptiste Daroussin bapt at
Wed Feb 29 14:21:20 PST 2012


I think some of you might be interested with this information:
short version:
libreoffice 3.5.x builds and run sucessfully with clang 3.0 and (upcoming) 3.1

long version:
On FreeBSD I completly fail at building libreoffice 3.5 using gcc, may that be
from the old 4.2.1 we provide by default or the new shiny 4.6 (weekly snapshot)
this is not due to gcc at all but something I should miss (for the 4.6 part).
Just to test I tried with clang (FreeBSD 9 and 10) comes with clang by default
(3.0) and for 8 we have clang available in packages.

except from two small patches (already in master) it compiled totally out of box.
this only missing stuff is a bug in boost (boost/config/compiler/clang.hpp
doesn't define BOOST_HAS_LONG_LONG) which should be fixed if you use the bundled
boost, and a bug in configure (I'm working on it) preventing from correctly
detecting system-mdds (works great when bundled).

This was done and tested without java stuff, I'll now try to enable all possible
options but it shouldn't be a problem.

FYI, I'll now ship libreoffice 3.5+ on FreeBSD built using clang by default and
won't support gcc anymore (except if someone give me a hand to find my mistake

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