Trying to understand why LO seems freezed for some seconds when a module is started

Tommy barta at
Wed Feb 29 22:58:46 PST 2012

On Thu, 01 Mar 2012 06:34:02 +0100, Michael Meeks <michael.meeks at>  

> On Wed, 2012-02-29 at 21:22 +0100, Tommy wrote:
>> the 2nd longer freeze related to autocorrect is present in LibO 3.4.5  
>> and
>> earlier versions
> 	So - please file a bug, add your auto-correct file and the explanation
> of how to repeat it, and perhaps mention it in Julien's similar issue:
> 	Perhaps then Dezsi will be interested to have a look at it, IMHO we are
> still -way- too slow if we're taking ~two seconds to load and install
> only 60k strings into an auto-correct dictionary, there must be some
> other silliness going on.
> 	HTH,
> 		Michael.

did it:

It would be interesting to know if Dezsi personal build with the fix about  
slow loading replacement table
has still the issue I'm describing here...

maybe, if we are lucky, that fix could somehow have influence even on the  
freeze I'm describing.

I indeed suspect that the freeze is caused by first access to the  
autocorrect database...
if it was so slow to load the GUI replacemente table, maybe there is  
something that makes slow even
the internal access to it.

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