[Libreoffice] [REVIEW-3-4-5] bug#36874 to be patched in 3.4.5 as well?

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Mon Jan 2 05:46:11 PST 2012

Winfried Donkers píše v Pá 23. 12. 2011 v 17:04 +0100:
> >Your code looks definitely better than the original one. Well, I am
> >still not sure about the calculation. It makes perfect sense when I
> >imagine the paper with blank labels. On the other hand,
> >please look at http://download.go-oo.org/tmp/labels.png. 
> I looked at a lot of (blank) labels and also came to the conclusion that the 
> definition of the labels leaves room for interpretation.
> My calculation is based on the assumption (presumption?) that the
> page containing the labels is symmetrical, i.e. rotating the page
> 180 degrees is not a problem, left margine equals right margin and
> top margin equals bottom margin.

I see the point and agree with your assumption. Your patch makes sense
and I have pushed it to the 3-4 branch, see

We need two more approvals for the 3-4-5 branch.

Bjoern pushed your patch to master. I wonder if he could vote here ;-)

> It would be much better if the label-definitions contain all dimensions, i.e.
> should include either right margin and bottom margin or the page size.
> That was too great a change for me to commit without proper discussion.

Yes, it would make sense.

> >Is just the visualization wrong in LO?
> I have not looked at the visualisation/UI

The visualization is crazy. It would be great to fix it.

> , but at the page size as shown in
> format-page and at the printer behaviour (the printer at our office wants exact 
> A4 definiton, otherwise it asks for custom paper sheets).

I see.

> Should you wish further information (hacking ?), feel free to ask. Currently I am
> wrestling with easyhack 34425, but should I get that right, I can have a go at further
> improvements of labels.
> For users, label printing is mostly troublesome, so any extra user-friendliness
> of the application is a plus.

It is great that you are hacking on it.

Best Regards,

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