[Libreoffice] [MacOS] Starting dev-install is hairy

Stephan Bergmann sbergman at redhat.com
Mon Jan 2 23:51:11 PST 2012

On 01/03/2012 02:35 AM, James C wrote:
> What now strikes me as more likely is:
>    - each process from each version of LibreOffice cooperates with
> other processes, so that only one LO process is running
>    - (probably) the cooperation extends across versions
>    - I don't recall whether I got a window, or only a change of current
> application
>    - I may have had a change to an already-running process from the other version
>    - (probably) closing that to retry enabled me to have the version I wanted

Yes, that's another source of confusion.  Upon startup, an soffice 
instance tries to connect to a "named pipe" with a well-known name (and 
sets that pipe up in listening mode if it does not yet exist).  That 
way, only one instance will ever be running for a given installation. 
The well-known name contains (a hash of) the user installation path, so 
whenever two installations would share a user installation, they are 
connected in this way.  (See desktop/source/app/officeipcthread.cxx for 


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