[Libreoffice] Updating Italian dictionaries

Andrea Pescetti pescetti at openoffice.org
Tue Jan 3 13:33:10 PST 2012

(I follow this list, but please do CC me explicitly on replies)

The Italian dictionary in LibreOffice master is not the latest version, 
that includes some bugfixes and a detailed history of contributions that 
was missing from the version shipped in OpenOffice.org 3.3.0 and 
imported into LibreOffice. This should be fixed.

Files are available on both the OpenOffice.org and the LibreOffice 
extensions repositories, but the most straightforward way to update 
dictionaries is to reuse the packaging work I already did and import 
them from OpenOffice (it's an external contribution under the GPL3 as it 
has always been: no license/copyright changes involved).

$ svn export 
$ git clone git://anongit.freedesktop.org/libreoffice/dictionaries 
$ cp -r latest/{CHANGELOG.txt,legacy,README.txt,it_IT.aff,it_IT.dic} 
$ rm libreoffice/dictionaries/it_IT/README_it_IT.txt

Then just apply the attached patch to
and you are done (the patch is trivial, but if a license statement is 
needed the patch is under LGPLv3+/MPL). This performs the update while 
respecting all choices LibreOffice did: removing flags, handling 
description files differently, autogenerating the thesaurus index file.

If you prefer a git patch in place of the above I can surely provide it, 
but it would be binary and largish, while the above is rather 

Of course for the next update (not before LibreOffice 3.5) we will have 
a dedicated public repository for the Italian dictionary and possibly 
standard non-binary patches. I apologize for the slightly larger work 
committers will need this time.

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