[Libreoffice] Doxygen for C/C++ URE Documentation

Thorsten Behrens thb at documentfoundation.org
Wed Jan 4 07:11:38 PST 2012

Stephan Bergmann wrote:
> And it worked quite well.
Yay! \o/

> The build then has an additional dependency on the doxygen
> executable as a prerequisite.  This can be controlled via
> --with-doxygen, where an explicit --without-doxygen disables
> generation of the C/C++ documentation in odk (and --disable-odk
> skips the doxygen check completely in configure).
Sounds fine to me.

> With autodoc no longer used to document C++, the next step would be
> to either replace its use to generate IDL docu as well (and
> completely remove autodoc), or at least remove the C++-specific
> autodoc code.  The SDK includes the autodoc executable, but I guess
> it would be OK to change that...
Quite. It seems the folks over at Mozilla are using doxygen for
their IDL stuff, so retiring autodoc for that seems desirable, too.
I had once looked into the feature gap with Frank Schönheit, let me
try & remember - presumably it's only a bit of @since mapping, no?


-- Thorsten
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