[Libreoffice] Old Oracle Mysql Connector no longer works with 3.5 on Windows - looking for a regular build solution ?

Stephan Bergmann sbergman at redhat.com
Wed Jan 4 09:02:45 PST 2012

On 01/04/2012 05:42 PM, Alexander Thurgood wrote:
> I can't say when exactly this happened, but can confirm that those
> connectors I have built from master only work with 3.5 and other current
> master builds.
> I was wondering whether this had anything to with some of the following
> changes in the run up to master :
> - version bump for the mysql library (Lionel's commits) ?
> - component registration changes for the connectors ?
> For a while, the connector I was building worked both on master and 3.4
> builds (and also 3.3 builds). Now, at least on Linux, it only works on
> 3.5 builds. If I try and use it on a 3.3/3.4 installation, I get the uno
> shared object error.

At least mysql-connector-ooo.oxt built in module myslqc apparently still 
uses active registration, so that should not be a reason to let it no 
longer work in old installations.  (Plus, passive component registration 
was already available in 3.4.)


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