[Libreoffice] Introducing Grande Latte

Jesús Corrius jesus at softcatala.org
Wed Jan 4 13:39:32 PST 2012

> On Wed, Jan 04, 2012 at 05:52:12PM +0100, Jesús Corrius wrote:
>> Grande Latte is a small and standalone ...
> nominated for the best l10n-troll of the year 2012. Also: We should have
> codenames for our LibreOffice releases.

You know I chose the name on purpose ;)

I guess the program is not bad for something I wrote in about 3 hours,
but it's just a prototype made with spaghetti code and if people start
to use it (for some reason) I will have to rewrite it in a more decent
form (especially if I ever want to find a job as a developer again).

Jesús Corrius <jesus at softcatala.org>

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