[Libreoffice] OOo issue 101224. could it be a LibO easy hack?

Tommy barta at quipo.it
Thu Jan 5 12:33:45 PST 2012

Hi Guys,
my name is TOmmy and I'm an italian LibO user.

in April 2009 I opened an issue on OOo bug-tracker:
Bug 101224 - common autocorrect replacement table for certain languages  
subgroups (i.e. en-US, en-GB)

I'm posting below the description of the issue:

i was thinking about having a “common autocorrect replacement table”  that
works over same language subgroups...

OOo has indeed separate replacement tables for UK English, USA English, AUS
English... (acor_en-US.dat , acor_en-GB.dat etc. etc.)
it has also “Italian (Italy)” and “Italian (Swiss)”...  (acor_it-IT.dat,

however actually they are not mutual...
if you enter an entry in the UK database (i.e. computre --> computer)
it won't correct that mistake if you are writing in a US English document.
If you want to have that autocorrection you have to create an entry for it  
each engligh subgroups.

Do u think is possible to create a new common
replacement table for all of the “same language subgroups”?

Actually there is the “universal replacement table” acor_.dat whose  
entries are
applied in any language you are writing in.

it would be great to have something similar restricted to certain language
something like:
acor_en-ALL.dat working on both UK, US, AUS etc. etc. english variants
acor_it-ALL.dat   working both on italian and swiss language

the issue was assigned to "os" (Oliver Specht) who said the thing could be  
done in
a week of work but never completed or even started it.

is there anybody of you that has enough knowledge of the autocorrect engine
and can try fixing this issue?

thanks, Tommy

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