[Libreoffice] limiting maximum sheet number to 10000 in 32 bit builds

Markus Mohrhard markus.mohrhard at googlemail.com
Thu Jan 5 15:49:07 PST 2012


I'm sorry but I have to correct one of our features from the release
note page. After some discussion I need to limit the maximum amount of
sheets in 32 bit builds to 10000 sheets. That should still be much
more than most people will ever need but we had some adventurous users
who tried to create 32000 sheets in 32 bit environments. Since we need
really much memory for an empty sheet ( around 120-150KB in a 64bit
build ) we got several reports of crashs because of a std::bad_alloc.

There are still a lot of other ways to crash Calc with a
std::bad_alloc but I hope that all other ways are better hidden and
will only occur if the user tries to crash Calc. In theory we should
work on catching std::bad_alloc but I recall that handling
std::bad_alloc is often tricky.

Any objections against limiting the number of sheets to 10000 for the
32 bit builds and perhaps for 64 bit builds too? I'm sorry for all the
problems I created with this.


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