[Libreoffice] limiting maximum sheet number to 10000 in 32 bit builds

Markus Mohrhard markus.mohrhard at googlemail.com
Fri Jan 6 05:52:17 PST 2012

Hello Jean-Baptiste,

> I have tried to reproduce the crash on Linux 64 bits by setting the
> option value to 30000 and the creation of a new speadsheet took several
> minutes. No crash but 5 Go of RAM. I killed LibO instead of closing the
> file. Problem: when creating another spreadsheet I had still the same
> option. Knowing that you can't access Calc options without having a Calc
> document opend, how do you kill this vicious circle? Ok, easy for an
> experienced user: open a small existing Calc document and modify the
> option. I am not sure whether a new user can find the solution easily.
> My proposition:
> 1/ Maximum number of sheets : 10000
> 2/ Limit on the number of sheets created by default: 20

I won't implement that. We can't protect every user from his mistakes
and IMHO we shouldn't even try to do that. If a user thinks he needs
to set his initial number of sheets to 10000 he has to live with that.
Calc is not foolproof and I don't plan to make it.


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