[Libreoffice] Does smoketest run on cygwin? or package format another than "archive"?

Stephan Bergmann sbergman at redhat.com
Mon Jan 9 01:27:07 PST 2012

On 01/08/2012 06:47 PM, Korrawit Pruegsanusak wrote:
> This is a consequence of trying to fix the build on windows / cygwin.
> I tried to run a smoketest by running `/opt/lo/bin/make check`, and it
> gives an error http://pastebin.com/EarX4TC0
>  From an error, IMHO it tried to find an "archive" version of the
> installation tree, which I don't have, because I build with
> --with-package-format=installed.
> OK, I should have tried --with-package-format=archive, but I don't
> have time to do this (my exam is coming and my computer isn't so
> powerful), thus sorry for my too-fast question.
> Anyway, I noticed that the path should be (comparing with what I have)
>    instsetoo_native/wntmsci12.pro/LibreOffice_Dev/archive/...
> instead of current
>    instsetoo_native/wntmsci12.pro/LibreOffice/archive/...
> or this smoketest is not for "dev build", but for "release build" only?

The original design (in OOo) was as follows:

instsetoo_native was modified to always build an en-US archive 
installation set in addition to whatever was requested through 
--with-package-format/--with-lang/whatever.  smoketestoo_native depended 
on instsetoo_native and extracted that archive installation set to 
solver/*/installation/, to be used by the smoketest and by any 
subsequenttests.  The logic to extract the solver installation set is at 
the end of smoketestoo_native/makefile.mk.

However, the long pathnames into .../solver/*/installation/ were a 
problem on Windows, which cannot naturally cope with paths longer than 
260 characters.  To work around that, on Windows only, the installation 
set was not extracted to solver once while building smoketestoo_native, 
but instead was extracted to a temp directory whenever it was needed (by 
smoketest and by any subsequenttest) and removed again afterwards. 
(With the assumption that those temp paths would be substantially 
shorter than the solver ones.)  The Windows-only logic to extract the 
installation archive to temp and remove it again afterwards is in 

Then someone changed at least the first part in LO, where the solver 
installation set is no longer produced in a two-step way (create an 
archive in instsetoo_native, extract it in smoketestoo_native), but 
rather as a single step by calling ooinstall at the end of 
smoketestoo_native/makefile.mk (which creates solver/*/installation/ 
directly, without producing an archive first).

My hope would be that the Windows-specific code would have been adapted 
accordingly, and that at least some of the regular Windows builds would 
actually exercise the smoketest.  Might be that those assumptions are 
false, though.


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