[Libreoffice] UI disaster on Windows: soffice -h

Pedro pedlino at gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 03:13:08 PST 2012

Stephan Bergmann-2 wrote
> Not sure we need either this dialog box or any localization at all:
> On other platforms, soffice -h outputs to stdout (or maybe stderr). 
> Given that adding command line arguments (what soffice -h educates 
> about) is presumably done mostly through some terminal, anyway, I'm not 
> sure there is any demand to display this help information in a dialog 
> instead of on stdout/err.  I don't know what the current status of GUI 
> applications like soffice routinely printing to stdout/err is on current 
> Windows versions, so I don't know if this hack to use a dialog is still 
> needed.  (The unopkg executable used to go to pains to be able to use 
> stdin/out/err even though it is a GUI application, wrapping unopkg.exe 
> in a unopkg.com that does the necessary console magic.)

As a long time Windows "Power User", I agree with this comment and also with
Tor's comments on the Bug report mentioned.

If a Windows user is knowledgeable enough to pass command line switches (in
my experience that would be 1% or less :) ) he expects the output of such
switches to be displayed as text on the terminal window (aka DOS box :) )

Otherwise any other Help that requires a GUI, l10n and formatting belongs in
the Help file

Just my 2 (non-dev) cents.

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