[Libreoffice] [Libreoffice-ux-advise] UI disaster on Windows: soffice -h

Jesús Corrius jesus at softcatala.org
Mon Jan 9 03:32:05 PST 2012


> Indeed, there is
> helpcontent2/source/text/shared/guide/start_parameters.xhp but it is
> outdated. Maybe I can update it quickly...
> I'll also try what Stephan suggested, i.e. if we can print to stdout
> in Windows, too.

On Windows console applications naturally print parameters to stdout.

GUI applications don't usually have command parameters. The ones that
are not directly callable by the user, like msiexec, show a dialogbox
with the options. I would say using a dialbox to show the options is a
more "natural" way to do it. Although I don't have any strong opinion
on this subject.

Jesús Corrius <jesus at softcatala.org>

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