[Libreoffice] [Libreoffice-ux-advise] [PUSHED] Avoid UI bugs in translations

Andras Timar timar74 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 12:30:35 PST 2012

Hi Stefan,

2012/1/8 Stefan Knorr (Astron) <heinzlesspam at googlemail.com>:
> Hi Christoph, William, everyone reading,
> I've made a new patch that does only the following things:
> * Correct the [en-US] thing
> * Use Christoph's proposal "Confirm File Format" as the window title
> * Remove the [en-US-old] text as that would have only been confusing
> * (Probably most controversial:) shortened the body text, but added a
> question in again, so now this is:
> "This document may contain content that cannot be saved in the
> currently selected file format "FORMATNAME". Do you really want to use
> To be sure the document is saved correctly, use the ODF format."
> If there is no uproar, I will push this and ask for a cherry-pick (my
> git skills are still a bit rudimentary and I don't want to mess up the
> release).

Thanks for taking care of this issue. Pushed to libreoffice-3-5 with
changes. I did not see the point in shortening the body text. My goal
was to keep the amount of textual changes as little as possible at
this late stage of 3-5 development.

Best regards,

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