[Libreoffice] Updating Italian dictionaries

Andrea Pescetti pescetti at openoffice.org
Tue Jan 10 13:33:34 PST 2012

Andras Timar wrote:
> I added legacy files to version control and I also updated the README
> which I forgot to do last time. But legacy files will not be packaged
> and distributed in the product, they will be part of source packages
> only.

Thanks! This seems a reasonable trade-off; at least sources are now 
aligned everywhere (LibreOffice and OpenOffice extensions sites, 
LibreOffice and OpenOffice repositories) and this will make future 
updates easier.

Any reasons for renaming README.txt to README_it_IT.txt? I don't have 
any strong preferences on this, I had just renamed the file to simply 
README.txt since it contains information in both Italian and English, 
while README_it_IT.txt could suggest it was in Italian (even though of 
course it_IT is the "Product name" here). If it is convenient to 
continue using README_it_IT.txt I can change it back in future releases, 
to ease integration.

> Please note that in LibreOffice git there is a newer version of
> it_IT.aff than in svn, please check if it is correct. In svn you have
> version 2.4, in git we have version 3.3. BTW both are the same, only
> the comment sections at the beginning of the files are different.

Exactly. It is correct to put the old version back, since the previous 
contributors feel it would be more appropriate to leave their unmodified 
file instead of only changing comments. So the 2.4 file should be put 
back in the sources, replacing the 3.3 file.

> Also please note that the extension icon, which is the Italian flag,
> will not be used in LibreOffice, because we don't use national flags
> as icons at all. I understand that probably nobody may be offended by
> the Italian flag, but we shall make no exceptions.

Yes I know, no problem; the updates I asked for didn't include restoring 
the flag or reverting any changes LibreOffice had made.


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