[Libreoffice] [Libreoffice-ux-advise] [PUSHED] Avoid UI bugs in translations

Stefan Knorr (Astron) heinzlesspam at googlemail.com
Wed Jan 11 01:43:57 PST 2012

Hi William,

> By my technical prerequisites, I could have done the required modification
> all by myself. But I still need some time to be more familiar with LibO code
> organization. For example, what does this hard-coded macro

Sorry, if I was too impatient for you, but 3.5 hard UI freeze was
nearing, as you might know.

> And how to get an instant view of code modification I did? I've to run make
> -rs, which a bit slow. I can't stand waiting. (ccache is installed and work
> fine).

If you mean to ask whether we have some sort of graphical UI
preview/UI editor, then, as far as I know, that's not available. Would
be a great feature, though.

> 2. Michael : As you was insisting : I've updated the LibO 3.5 Release Notes
> with a great screenshot. :P

Neatest screenshot on the page :). Nice.

> 3. Concerning the "Statistics" strings. I think it's really important for
> the end-user to get a consistent look and fell in the whole LibO interface.
> Indeed, the feature found at File - Properties - Statistics and Tools ->
> Statistics are both the same. Both features (and name) are definitely linked
> together. If we update the first, this latter have to be renamed too.

Hm... No. That would be confusing, I think. What sounds like a better
plan would be to move File/Properties/Statistics into the word count
dialogue (or vice versa) and then using the term "Statistics". (I
believe we don't really need to have that functionality twice, I hope
you'll agree.)

> My pool goes to "Statistics" because:
> - in LibO 3.4 it was called like this;

Not in the English version, for the French version: yes, that at least
was the case (but I haven't checked in 3.5). Both Ooo/LibO and MSO
have been using the same terminology for years for this window, i. e.
in both there is a window called:
* English: "Word Count" [1]
* French: "Statistiques"

If that has changed now in the French version, please try to lobby the
French localiser(s).

Additionally, in MSO, there are both a "Word Count" and a "Readability
Statistics" window, the latter adds a bunch of things (that, at a
superficial glance, sound like a good idea to me, by the way).
Screenshots: [2].

> Ps: I'm on exam for now. I won't be back until I haven't finished these.
> Tomorrow C# .NET :-(

Best of luck to you.


[1] See also Matt Pratt's original commit to make the word count
modeless which doesn't change the string "Word Count" at all:

[2] Word Count, Word 2007:
Readability Statistics, Word 2007:

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